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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India


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Other Historical Dates and Events
12/25/1876Mohamad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, was born.
7/2/1991Nanankal Krishna Pillai, famous Malyalam poet, died.
1/30/1903Lord Curzon opened the Imperial Library in in Metcalfe Hall at Calcutta.
4/18/1898Damodar Hari Chapekar, India's first revolutionary, was hanged in the Yervada Central Jail. He was punished for killing the Rand and Ayrest British Officials.
1/26/1957Shivlal Nandlal Yadav, cricketer (Indian off-spinner 102 Test wickets 1979-87), was born in Hyderabad.
8/15/1947At the stroke of midnight, India is free after 163 years of British Raj. At the same time Muslims win a degree of freedom from Hindus. They have their own separate dominion Pakistan in the British Commonwealth Sect.
4/21/1805Defitiniv treaty between Anandrao Gaikwad and Britishers.
9/21/1962Major General I. J. Rikhye completed the task in accordance with the memorandum to UNSF, thus fulfilling the mandate of cessation of hostilities without any incident.
7/9/1755E Braddock, British General, was mortally wounded during French & Indian War.
1/6/1980In the general election (7th) of India, Indira Gandhi led Indian National Congress Party gains two-thirds majority in the Lok Sabha legislative elections.